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Are You Writing A Screenplay?

Our online workshops and festivals are designed to elevate your writing and ignite your career.

We run weekend intensive training and large scale festivals for screenwriters. Our mission is to help you find success as a screenwriter through elevating your writing, connecting talent with industry professionals as well as keeping us ALL inspired on the journey.

Join us, we promise you will be fans for life.

Are You Writing A Screenplay?​

Our online workshops and festivals are designed to elevate your writing and ignite your career. ​

Join us, we promise you will be fans for life.

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The Online Training Platform From the London Screenwriters' Festival...

Elevate YOUR Writing And Career To Get Noticed, Optioned and Produced​

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Our Next Live Workshop Is September 10th

Based On A True Story: Writing Reality To Get Produced

Producers want stories that are already out there, already have a following, already have a defined audience from which to build. They don’t need to guess that it will work, they know it will because it already has. The Biopic or True Story is a HOT property. And one that so often goes wrong as the writer can too easily slide away from compelling and cracking story, into portraiture that is no longer engaging.

Six hour masterclass with exercises // £47.99

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‘In this “Zoom era” it’s very obvious who can teach online and who cannot.  Bob is brilliant at keeping you on your toes for hours and definitely knows his craft. This class is like a movie well made. Everything just works, makes sense, and shifts your perspective in a very interesting way’
Johanna Philip, Writer/Director

Write Your First Novel and Get It Published in 2022 with Lucy V Hay

Is 2022 the year that YOU also publish your first novel as well as continue writing screenplays? If so, join us for day full of ideas, tactics, inspiration, experience and rocket fuel for your writing and career.

One Day // Online with Replay for One Year // £44.00

Beyond The Conventions: Writing The Non Traditional Protagonist

Storytelling has evolved. The flawed protagonist who ‘overcomes’ on their own outward or inward journey is still a very powerful model. But audiences crave diversity now, and with the proliferation of long form narrative combined with ever increasing viewer sophistication… Enter the non traditional protagonist.

One Day // Online with Replay for One Year // £47.99 //  Feedback HERE

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‘Fabulous material, great delivery, very clear analysis and instruction. Loved the focus, the intensity, being asked to really stretch those writing muscles!
Vera Mark, Writer and Filmmaker

Writing To Get Produced: The Art, Craft and Business of the Low Budget Film Script

Smart writers are penning the next breakout hit, because the odds of getting it produced are astronomically higher than your average spec script. By analyzing and examining low-budget classics, recent breakthroughs and some hidden gems, this course will provide you specific and actionable strategies to get your career launched and to finally see your WRITTEN BY credit on the big screen.

Six hour masterclass with exercises// £47.99

Comedy Drama Masterclass: The 10 TV Writing Commandments of Ted Lasso

In 2022 the world NEEDS comedy drama more than ever, with shows that add levity to their audience’s lives, shining a little truthful-light into the challenging darkness.

One Day // Online with Replay for One Year // £47.99

KICKING ARCS: Mastering Story Archetypes With Compelling Characters That Modern Audiences Love

Feeling constricted by traditional and basic structure? Join Lucy V Hay as we journey into the world of archetypal story structures that are NOT the Hero’s Journey so you can unleash your BEST ideas.

One Day // Online with Replay for One Year // £47.00

Script Reading with Lucy V Hay

Join us for this intensive two-day online workshop that breaks down the art and craft of reading scripts to help improve your own writing, to also improve your feedback for other writers and most importantly, to earn you money as a professional reader.

‘The course has gone over and above my expectations. It has been a real shot in the arm for my creativity.’
Dan Cassell, Screenwriter ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Learn At YOUR Pace With On-Demand Courses​

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Get access right away to our full day courses (available for one year).

All our courses are available for one year after sign up. They will run from your dekstop / laptop just fine, but we also have a free mobile phone App too.

Just go to your App store and download the Gurucan App. Once done, just login with your email and password and you will see all your courses.

Mastering Misdirection in YOUR Screenplay

The Art of Beguiling the Reader and Audience Through Your Writing. Remember how you felt as a kid when you saw a magic trick? Stories are like that. The best ones are powerful emotional magical tricks.

Online with Replay for One Year // Feedback HERE

Writing The Killer One Pager For Your Screenplay

The One Pager is an essential link in the chain that your screenplay will pass along. It will be read WAY more than your screenplay, by agents, sales agents, producers, broadcasters, directors, producers…

Six hour masterclass with exercises // Feedback Here.

Perfect Your Pitch with Bob Schultz

No matter how good your script and story, if you cannot effectively, dynamically and succinctly engage the listener, your script will collect dust on a shelf.

Six hour masterclass with exercises // Feedback Here.

The Ten Screenwriting Commandments Of Aaron Sorkin

While no-one can write just like Aaron Sorkin, except Aaron Sorkin, we can all learn from his writing. His story structure deftness. His ability to write compelling characters. The astonishing dialogue that makes it like a verbal action movie.

Six hour masterclass with exercises // Feedback Here.

The Ten Screenwriting Commandments of Quentin Tarantino

For all the blood and guts in his movies, Tarantino bleeds ink. Love him or loathe him, Tarantino is an undeniable talent. His writing charms critics, seduces award givers and dazzles audiences. While only Tarantino can write like Tarantino, we CAN ALL learn the mechanics of HOW he does what he does… So we can do it too.

Six hour masterclass with exercises. Feedback HERE.

And So It Begins... Crafting The Killer First Act For Your Screenplay

Act One…  In the Beginning, YOU create the Heavens and the Earth. The First Act is where you work with laser-like focus on the story, characters, and the reading experience. It’s a setup, a promise and an accelerant all at once. Part One of a Three Part Series.

Six hour masterclass with exercises // £33 // Feedback HERE

Demystifying Act 2: Where GREAT Scripts Go To Thrive

Maintaining momentum and mystery, while exploring character arcs and themes, building plot, tensions and careening toward that satisfying conclusion is the heavy lifting of screenwriting. Make no mistake, this is where the hardest and greatest writing will need to take place.

Six hour masterclass with exercises.

Inevitable, Surprising and Satisfying: Writing The KILLER Final Act

Join us and learn how to take your great story, characters, universe, themes and situations and craft them into an inevitable, deeply satisfying and explosive Final Act. When it comes to success, the end is where it all begins.

Six hour masterclass with exercises. Feedback HERE.

Writing The Perfect Nemesis For Your Story

Something Wicked This Way Comes… BOOM! The Unstoppable Force (your Hero) meets the Immovable Object (The Nemesis). What happens? Drama. Edge-of-your-seat, producible, bankable drama.

Six hour masterclass with exercises. Feedback Here.

Nemesis II: Revelations

How exactly do you apply everything you learned about the Nemesis in the first part of this series? There is a definite structure and pattern to the Nemesis, expressed in seven clear steps. We analysed work as diverse as ‘Fleabag’ and ‘Black Panther’ to uncover these patterns… Learn how to rapidly, authentically and dramatically elevate the stakes to make your script a true page turner. 

Six hour masterclass with exercises. Feedback HERE.

Writer's Voice: How To Write With Sizzle and Substance While Retaining YOUR Authenticity

Discover how to better understand what your unique and authentic voice could be, learn new  tools to reveal it, and then zero in on how to add it to your work.

Online with Replay for One Year // £33 // Feedback HERE.

The Ten Screenwriting Commandments Of Bob Schultz

After reading 10,000+ scripts and advising and mentoring countless screenwriters, Bob is in a unique position to reveal his ten commandments for success as a screenwriter.

Online with Replay for One Year // £33 // Feedback HERE.

Make a World Class Short Film with Chris Jones

Every year a new writer and filmmaker wins the Oscar for best short film… If it’s not you, it will be someone else… Learn how to write, produce and complete a short that will open doors. Fully interactive workshop with 20 hours of training.

The entire course is on demand // £17.99 // Feedback HERE.

Mastering The Meaning: Adding Rocket Fuel To Theme and Subtext In Your Script on Zoom

How your work can touch, move and inspire audiences so that they gain deeper understanding and your work has greater impact.

One Day // Online with Replay for One Year // £42.00 // Feedback HERE

The Narrative Imperative in YOUR Screenplay with Scott Myers

The key to unlocking your story’s most powerful version and the underlying structure rests within its most central character: The Protagonist.

The entire course is on demand // £48.50 // Feedback HERE.

More Of What Delegates Say About What We Do...

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‘A really judicious balance of elements, and a masterly distillation of some very complicated but indispensable ideas.’ 
Andrew Campbell // Screenwriter 

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‘It was clearly structured, with brilliant advice and watching the clips was very helpful. It’s one of the best courses I’ve been on. The workshop part helped me look at my script in a new light – looking at those intense, emotion-laden, visually memorable moments which sum up relationship or theme. Brilliant!’
Amy Sparkes // Writer

A black and white photo of a man with long hair.

‘My writing partner and I booked Bob’s one-on-one consultation session with a plethora of warring, anxious questions in our heads, and emerged from it with focused and determined ones instead. Bob identifies the core priorities of your story in finger-snap time, and asks all the right questions to help you get to the root of both its problems and potential. A lean, mean (but actually kind) hour of charged wisdom – highly recommended’
Teodor Reljić // Screenwriter


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‘Bob is the best scriptwriting teacher I’ve ever had. I love everything about this course.’
Natasha Sutton Williams, Writer, Actor

Our Screenwriting Practitioners

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John Yorke

Producer, Author, Showrunner

Author one of the greatest books on story structure ever written – ‘Into The Woods’. Also the Golden Globe-winning former head of Ch4 Drama, BBC Drama, Company Pictures, Eastenders showrunner… his resume clearly speaks for itself. 

Plus that Golden Globe for Wolf Hall doesn’t hurt either. Suffice it to say, this guy knows his onions!

A woman with a flower in her hair is giving a speech.

Lucy V Hay

Author, script editor, producer, blogger

Lucy is the firebrand behind Bang2write, one of the UK’s top sites for screenwriters. Lucy has been a script reader for agents, production companies, screen agencies, investment initiatives, screenwriting competitions and individual writers and directors for over ten years.

A man holding a laptop at a podium.

Scott Myers

Screenwriter, professor, official blogger for the Black List

Since selling his spec script K-9 in 1987, Scott has written 30 projects for every major Hollywood studio and broadcast network. He teaches at DePaul University School of Cinematic Arts and his script credits include  K-9, Alaska, and Trojan War.

Go Into the Story

A man with a beard is smiling while holding a microphone.

Bob Schultz

Screenwriter, Producer, Professor

Bob Schultz has spent more than a decade as a screenwriter, producer, screenwriting professor, and organizer of more than 25 screenwriting conferences in Canada, the USA, and the UK.

He’s taught screenwriting, pitching, story structure, and independent producing in a dozen countries around the world.

A man wearing glasses and a black shirt is smiling.

Chris Jones

LSF Director & Founder, Filmmaker, Author

His major projects include action thriller The Runner, serial killer thriller White Angel and paranormal horror Urban Ghost Story. He also co-created and authored The Guerilla Film Makers Handbook series, of which there are currently seven editions!

In 2009, Chris made the multi-award-winning and Oscar®-shortlisted Gone Fishing.

A man giving a speech in front of a large audience.

Feedback for The Narrative Imperative with Scott Myers

‘Hands down one of the best speakers in screenwriting of today. Highly engaging, smart, funny and deeply knowledgeable. I never get tired of this guy’s courses. He’s infectious and great and despite all that, very humble and a great guy!’
Uppili Raghavachari (Writer/Director/Producer)

Read More »
Beyond the conventions writing the non traditional protaganist.

Feedback for Beyond The Conventions: Writing The Non Traditional Protagonist

‘I’m just buzzing – that was just fantastic!!!!! I have – count them! – three ideas for stories that came to me during the course!!!!!!!! (In context I usually have just one a year!) I learnt so much – and those clips were fantastic. Thanks so much to you and Chris. Am spending today scribbling down those stories. Seriously if I stop coming to the courses call an ambulance because it means I physically couldn’t get to the computer! Honestly these courses just inspire and inform and teach in a way that you can’t bottle. Thanks so much again!’
Varsha Shah // Screenwriter

Read More »

Read Feedback From ALL Of Our Courses HERE.

Unused Sections

Mastering The Moment: Writing THE Scene EVERYONE Talks About and Producers Want

Those storytelling delights that stick with us for days, weeks… forever. What they are, how to structure them and create that narrative viral moment in your story…

One Day // Online with Replay for One Year // £42.00 // Feeback HERE

Spellbinding Emotional Impact: Enthralling Your Reader

All too often on the journey of writing we forget that all important thing, that THING that most likely is the reason we first fell in love with the idea in the first place. Reconnect with elevated emotional writing, story and characters that elevates YOUR screenplay into a GREAT READ and to the recommend pile.

One Day // Online with Replay for One Year // £42.00

Logline clinic with Bob Schultz

We all know that the industry distils our 120 pages of blood, sweat and a considerable amount of tears, all down to a log line. A sentence, or maybe two, that conveys plot, characters, tone, universe, story and so much more. Join other writers  just like you for a day long hands-on workshop that will turbo charge your loglines. Additionally, there is a 30 minute seminar (to watch online) to prep for the workshop. Have Bob fix your logline and learn HOW he does it so you can do it too.

One-on-One Coaching with Bob Schultz

Getting coached is one of the fastest and smartest ways to make rapid headway, overcome barriers and gain deeper insight in one hour. If you want to fine tune your pitch, story and get feedback on ideas and your career, then  book a slot with Bob Schultz today.

Sessions run most weeks // 50 minute sessions £42.

Advanced Structure with John Yorke: From procedural to longform, terrestrial to Netflix and beyond…

Part lecture, part practical workshop, this two-day immersive weekend will elevate your writing, career and project through deep industry insight. 

One Day // Online with Replay for One Year // £179