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Feedback for The Ten Commandments Of Aaron Sorkin

Or… How to write like Aaron Sorkin!

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Feedback from past delegates…

‘There were so many great examples of what Bob was training and I loved the writing exercises. His enthusiasm and passion for the world of scripts comes across in his excellent ability to guide you through these processes. He’s really friendly and approachable and makes you feel comfortable and part of the group. You wont regret taking this workshop. I’ve come away full of ideas on how to strengthen my writing.’
Sarah Quist // and 

‘Intense and fast paced. Masses of inspirational, original and helpful information laid out and challenging writing exercises whizzed through. Huge roars of approval for all the fun and brain stretch! Bob, like all great teachers, is relentless in sharing knowledge!
Anita Tucker // Screenwriter

‘Bob’s concept and creation of the SorkinMandments is a great way to explore Sorkin’s successes, and he uses  great choice of movie clips… both old and new… all were excellent examples of the applicable SorkinMandments. The pacing of the class is great and Bob is great at presenting concepts in a lively and accessible fashion and keeping on point, with an emphasis on taking action by providing writing exercises and time to write within the class. Overall I love the passion and encouragement Bob gives as a presenter, teacher and facilitator.’
Terry Hicks // Writer

‘Insightful, exhaustive and really well delivered. Bob’s stamina and enthusiasm were incredible.’
Al Campbell // Screenwriter

One of the best workshops I’ve ever taken online, smart, funny and very hands on with different writing exercises. In this “Zoom era” it’s very obvious, who can teach online and you can not. And Bob is brilliant at keeping you on your toes for hours and definitely knows his craft. This class is like a movie well made, everything just works, makes sense and shifts your perspective in an very interesting way.
Johanna Philip // Writer director

‘Bob as brilliant tutor. The commandments with curated clips and then a writing exercise format of today worked really well.’
Arani Yogadeva // Writer

‘I loved the writing assignments to immediately implement the teaching. Great way of making us DO and not just LEARN’
Vered Neta // Author, Scriptwriter and Speaker

‘I loved everything – content, clips, presentation and the exercises’
Jean-Claude Bragard // Producer director

‘Both Bob’s information and the clips he included were a terrific combination.’
Sara Pascoe // Writer

‘The mix of the clips and the presentation kept it interesting along with the writing workshop which made me think how to incorporate what I had learned into my own writing.’
Georgina Fagelson // Screenwriter

‘Fabulous material, great delivery, very clear analysis and instructions. Loved the focus, the intensity, being asked to really stretch those writing muscles!’
Vera Mark // Screenwriter

‘I found it inspiring but also exciting as several habits, picked up over the years, fell away. I really appreciate the amount of work that must have gone into the preparation. Thank you.’
Mary Anstey // Writer

‘Building the first three exercises together created a lightbulb moment for me and I could see how my scenes could improve massively.’
Paula Glenister // Screenwriter

‘I loved watching the actual screen examples of what Bob was talking about. They made the theory concrete and helped us to understand how we might go about applying the techniques in our writing.’
Georgia Goodman // Actor, Writer, Filmmaker

‘A fantastic seminar, enjoyed it thoroughly and it was a sheer delight to peek behind the process of one of my all time favourite writers. Thanks to Bob Schultz for an intriguing insight. Thank you so much’
Ike Emeadi // Screenwriter

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