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Writing to get produced the art craft and business of the low budget script.

Writing To Get Produced: The Art, Craft and Business of the Low Budget Film Script

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Every emerging and low budget filmmaker is SCREAMING out for two things…

  1. A produceable, killer low budget script.
  2. And that the resulting film that they make is a stepping stone to bigger budgets.

Low budget films are for everyone: whether that is their ultimate goal or they want to step up and get paid well, work with bigger budgets, enjoy longer shoots, get better distribution, more recognition, more glamour… The list goes on.

But for almost EVERYONE, it begins with a production that is on a wing and a prayer.

A low budget film.  

So here’s the GREAT news. Filmmakers are looking for you. They are seeking YOUR script.

Not just any script, but one that has been crafted for a low budget production.  

So… It has to fit the very specific brief.

Not a narrative brief, more a technical and production brief first.

And THEN it has to deliver all the story stuff we love, fascinating concept, compelling character arcs, jaw dropping revelations, mail biting cliff hangers, and deeply cathartic conclusions.

So are you up for the challenge? To reduce? Simplify? Compact? Ratchet up? Re-imagine?  

To develop an idea that will work be the start of a lifelong relationship between you and the filmmakers?

To get produced, seen and move onto the next rung of the ladder?

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‘It was clearly structured, with brilliant advice and watching the clips was very helpful. It’s one of the best courses I’ve been on. The workshop part helped me look at my script in a new light – looking at those intense, emotion-laden, visually memorable moments which sum up relationship or theme. Brilliant!’
Amy Sparkes // Writer

In this one day workshop with Bob you will learn…


  1. The essential production constraints of low budget and how to pivot them to your advantage.
  2. Why High Concept, told through the lens of microbudget constraints works so well.
  3. How to compress story structure so that the narrative races along, even within budgetary confines.
  4. The basics beyond the writing… Meeting producers and directors.
  5. The Low Budget Success Formula… The repeating DNA patterns that make indie film so successful. (there is no formula of course, BUT there are distinct patterns and principles).

Becoming a successful writer is a marathon – not a sprint – and a track record of success is what tells agents, producers, and financiers that you are worth their time and effort. The indie / low budget / micro budget film is THAT promise… ‘Look at me, you will see I am a diamond in the rough’.

By analyzing and examining low-budget classics, recent breakthroughs and some hidden gems, this course will provide you specific and actionable strategies to get your career launched and to finally see your WRITTEN BY credit on the big screen.

Recent Feedback For Other Courses With Bob

‘Both entertaining as well as informative!’ 
Jean-Claude Bragard // Filmmaker

The workshop was very well structured with lots of good examples.’
Georgi Kostov // Screenwriter , Director , Producer

‘It had great illustrative clips, alongside good context and also insight int how to apply it to our writing.’
Louise Say // Producer, Writer

‘The Generous use of clips makes the analysis very clear and memorable. It will be hugely useful to me for my business in several ways. It refreshes my editorial approach to novelist-clients; and it helps me pitch novel-to-film adaptations. Bob’s enthusiasm is infectious and we all felt very motivated after this…’
Christine Green // Literary Agent

More Recent Feedback For Bob

‘I now understand how to use these moments, and (as a director) it’ll help me craft them better. Watching the examples I realised that while ‘the moment’ was just seconds, the build up is also key, and these scenes were long and tense… actually much longer than I would have realised! It was so good! This was my second one with Bob and I will sign up for more. I also like that Bob feels like a friend and not a distant guru – thanks Bob!’
Lucy Campbell //  Filmmaker

‘Stupendous subject (never seen this offering in all my screenwriting classes) with perfect execution!’
Kirk Ah Tye // Attorney turned screenwriter and novelist (Hollywood)

This class is run by screenwriter Bob Schultz. For more than 20 years, Bob has been training screenwriters , helping thousands of writers clarify their stories, reorganise their ideas and build confidence to bring the very best version of any writer, to the opportunities they create.

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