Feedback from the LondonSWF Screenwriters’ Retreat

‘It was the most beautiful place to be, spending time with other screenwriters – all of whom were absolutely lovely. I was able to focus properly on my script and got amazing insights into how to fix it from Bob, who is just brilliant. The food was fabulous and just kept coming – and the setting was peaceful, calm and inspiring…’
Abbie Heath // Screenwriter

Feedback for The Narrative Imperative with Scott Myers

‘Hands down one of the best speakers in screenwriting of today. Highly engaging, smart, funny and deeply knowledgeable. I never get tired of this guy’s courses. He’s infectious and great and despite all that, very humble and a great guy!’
Uppili Raghavachari (Writer/Director/Producer)

Feedback for Demystifying Act 2: Where GREAT Scripts Go To Thrive

‘I love the practical advice offered in Bob’s courses. Sure they are great for understanding the process, but doing them when you have a script nearing completion can be amazingly, incredibly useful’
Judith Bunting // Screenwriter/Director