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Feedback from Mastering Misdirection

Learn the art of beguiling the reader and audience through your writing.

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Feedback from past delegates…

‘For me, it was an excellent introduction to misdirection. I KNOW misdirection must work in the stories I write but I’ve never SEEN and HEARD the techniques described clearly and exemplified. I can’t wait to re-watch the class and take serious notes, find more examples to guide me, and work some magic myself. I loved everything about it.’
Judy Potocki // Writer

‘I thought the practical way in which the information was delivered, which made it easy to understand and assimilate was brilliant. Also, the examples used and the tools provided, which I found very inspiring. I loved the writing exercises and how they helped me rethink some scenes in my current project.’
Denisa Popa // Writer, Producer

I loved everything about this workshop: the clear and enthusiastic way Bob presented the subject, the excellent film clips, the valuable writing exercises. Best of all for me, it made me realise what’s lacking in my novel: a meaty secret for the protagonist. So I’m reworking it and beginning to feel I’ve finally cracked it. So huge, grateful thanks to Bob.’
Sally Sheringham // Novelist

‘This gave me a better understanding of how to use misdirection in the context of set-up and pay-off. I loved the concept of “re-contextualisation” in particular. It was a very clear presentation and Bob is a wonderfully engaging, enthusiastic instructor. Always a learning pleasure!’
Vera Mark // Writer / filmmaker

‘The course was a good balance between ideas and film-clip examples, and I hugely enjoyed Bob’s breadth of knowledge and enthusiasm. Life-enhancing!’
Christine Green // Literary Agent

‘The course helped me figure out what it is that is driving my central character throughout – her hidden agenda that motivates her every action, that she cannot bear other people to know. Through a series of writing and reflection exercises we were able to really think about our characters in terms of how they portray themselves to the audience, which was really helpful. The course was very well structured and well paced, good to do a bit of writing too.’
Alex Davies // Writer

‘Hugely insightful peek under the bonnet of storytelling. Across film, novels, theatre, the mechanics are quite universal, and have been more or less since the ancient Greeks. And yet, they bear repeating, and there are always new tricks to be learned. All in all, a handsomely rewarding one day crash-course for writers on all levels.’
Tom Kenis // Fiction writer

‘I haven’t come across these ideas anywhere – neither during my studies, nor in any screenwriting books.’
Teodora Gaydarova // Screenwriter

‘Bob Schultz is an excellent teacher: clear, interesting and interested. I both enjoyed the class and felt like I learnt a lot. It had a good variety of tasks and focuses and I really enjoyed the writing exercises. There was also great use of film clips. Overall, really interesting.’
Laura Morgan // Writer

‘I learned so much! I genuinely think it will change the way I approach the plot in my scripts. It was extraordinary and just so much fun as well! I enjoyed the whole day so much and ended up with 22 pages of notes! Thank you so much!’
Varsha Shah // Screenwriter

‘The workshop has a great balance of theory, practical exercises, and film and TV examples. I have picked up practical methods for polishing and improving my scripts, to add layers of enjoyment for the reader and viewer.’
Alison Clapham // Screenwriter

‘Bob is brilliant and so enthusiastic about showing us how the masters keep us watching. I don’t want my stories to be too on the nose, but it’s not always easy to work out how to make them better. Bob’s given us a toolbox of techniques we can apply to our own stories to increase depth and tension. Plus it’s always just great to be surrounded by the other LSF writers!’
Tania Tay // Screenwriter

‘The examples were awesome, the pacing was fantastic and it just felt like a really relaxed vibe to it as well – Bob was amazing, he was always open to questions at any point, provided wonderful insight and I learnt so much from it. Really enjoyed it and for just £37, it was really worth it. I can’t recommend it enough.’
George Watson // Filmmaker

‘The workshop provided real and useable techniques for creating suspense and increasing tension in a way that pays off for the audience. It’s especially useful rewrites, looking more deeply at structure and character. I didn’t think the protagonist in my script needed a secret. Now I know that she does!’
Julie Sandwell // Screenwriter

‘It was really precise, usable immediately and ripped along with good examples well edited to illustrate the points.’
Mai Davies // Screenwriter

‘Focusing on misdirection brings a whole new energy to the script. It shakes up your ideas and adds SO many layers to your characters. And it helped me to start having fun with my script, taking risks and finding completely new angles. Everyone needs Bob in their life. You cannot help but come away from one of his workshops with your project in better shape.’
Abbie Heath // Screenwriter

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