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‘Every year a new writer and filmmaker wins the Oscar for best short film... If it's not you, it will be someone else... '

Like you… I just needed to get taken seriously…

For years I had been banging my head against the door, trying to break in, get an agent, get some traction. My scripts and films were liked, but somehow I just couldn’t make that final step… I was just not being heard, seen or considered. 

I needed to do something that would make everyone sit up, something that would elevate me from all the others attempting to break in.

That’s when I heard about the short film Oscar. And I realised, if I played the game right, I had a shot… and a good shot at that… of winning the Oscar for best short film.

So I began the journey to win the Oscar…

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Hold on tight... I had no idea how far I would get...

I had big ambitions but never imagined I would end up at the Producers Guild Of America Awards picking up best short film prize from Gale Anne Hurd…

… or how I would collect over 50 international awards, get a manager and agent in LA, sell the film to Channel 4…

Or find myself in the Bahamas at a festival in December when that email form the Academy came through saying… ‘Keep February free, you may be coming to the Oscars…’

It was a wild ride.

Join me and learn all the hard won lessons from this adventure into story, filmmaking, art, craft, business and mindset…  

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‘…this one really delivers! Going through the whole process from script to final delivery to festivals and sales does bring home how much more there is still to do on your next project, but also inspiring you to think that it is all achievable if you put your mind to it and learn from the very useful industry tips in this seminar ‘

Alan, Film maker, London

This masterclass is designed as a journey so that you learn on a more fundamental, gut level... It's not just information, you will 'get it'...

We will take YOU on the creative adventure so you FEEL like you made the movie too. 

You will emotionally own all these lessons, experiences, feel the highs and lows so that tou FEEL like one of the filmmakers. Getting it in your gut will help you keep it in your mind.

  • Experience FIRST HAND the organic growth of stories, from idea, to script, to redraft, to set, to post, to sound edit, to music..
  • Be guided through the process, step-by-step, as if you were a producer, anchoring the learning deeply so that you can apply it to you project.
  • Meet the professionals who made the film, with key interviews with the DP, Editor, Casting Director, Costume Designer, Sound Designer etc.
  • The masterclass will help you create an effective strategy for your next film and next career step so that you are prepared to aim higher still.
  • Career planning… Learn to create a powerful and unique framework for YOUR CAREER, so that you can accelerate towards success more efficiently.
  • Supported by extensive PDF handouts which you can print or read onscreen.
  • Over 20 hours of training with lifetime membership.
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‘There’s a lot to take in on this two day adventure, I say adventure as it does really feel like you’ve been on the journey with Chris all along. Hugely, hugely enjoyable. Thank you!’

Adam, Editor/Director, London

What will you take away?

  • A detailed roadmap to follow so that your short becomes an Oscar contender

  • Greater understanding of what makes a great short script and how to elevate YOUR work

  • Producing tools and tricks to save you money and make what you have go further

  • Insight into how to get bigger and better named actors for your project

  • How to scale your production up without breaking the bank

  • Editing, a deep dive into how each refinement improves the film

  • Awards, which to go for and how to improve your chances

  • Festivals, where does your work play best?

  • BONUS One hour crowdfunding masterclass and template

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Who will you meet in the masterclass?

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Chris Jones - Writer / Director

Masterclass helmer, Chris has five features under his belt, has written six best selling film making books and taught thousands of filmmakers. His energy and enthusiasm for movies is infectious and infects everyone who attends his seminars.

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Eddie Hamilton, Editor

Eddie has cut over 20 feature films and countless hours of TV. He has edited projects as small as shorts and micro budget features, all the way up to Hollywood blockbuster scale, and his technical expertise is unparalleled in his field. With full access to the edit and evolution of that edit, students get a direct look at various cuts and see Eddie’s techniques in action.

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Catherine Arton, Casting Director

Catherine is an experienced American Casting Director living in the UK. Her last collaboration with Chris (before Gone Fishing) was on his last feature film, Urban Ghost Story. Her experience in dealing with actors and agents makes her contribution invaluable and offers a guide to getting the best cast for your film.

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Vernon Layton, Director of Photography

Legendary British cameraman, Vernon Layton brought his 40 years of experience to Gone Fishing, and in this masterclass he shares with the audience the tricks he used to create the big feature look that ‘wows’ audiences when they see it in a theatrical environment… It really does look a million bucks!

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Linda Haysman, Costume Designer

Actors wear their costume like a character’s skin, and designer Linda Haysman brought her many years of experience in costume designing, and shared it with us on the masterclass. Linda has designed for directors such as Danny Boyle and actors such as John Hurt and Jeremy Irons.

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Simon Cox, 2nd Unit Director

Getting enough shots and coverage in a project can make a huge impact. Director Simon Cox chose to helm second unit on ‘Gone Fishing’ and created some breathtaking shots, it’s worth taking this course just for the second unit productivity versus cost analysis! Simon is a feature film director in his own right and brings great insight into how an extra director can help keep things on track.

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John Claude, Picture Grader

Senior Colourist John Claude, from leading London post production facility Midnight Transfer, is on hand to talk through the colour grading of Gone Fishing, alongside DP Vernon Layton. John has worked on countless big budget feature films and the work he performs daily is truly world class.

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Bernard O'Reilly, Sound Designer

Senior Sound Designer Bernard O’Rielly has worked on feature films as diverse as ‘Mr Bean’ and ‘Alien V Predator’. He brings his acoustic wizardry to the masterclass, explaining how we got that BIG FEATURE sound, how much story can be impacted by thoughtful use of sound, and how all the final elements come together.

What do people say about this workshop?

‘An affordable, brilliantly conceived and innovative approach to learning about the film making process. Chris’ engaging and inclusive approach allows the participant straight in to the heart of the project, where the learning curve will be steepest, but also of the most value.’
Joe Atkins, Film Maker, France


‘I truly believe that the course has forced me as a writer and director, to sit up and reassess what i am creating…and has made me REBOOT and start again. Thanks to CHRIS for enlightenment and allowing myself and my partners and many other new film makers the benefit of gleaned knowledge from his mistakes, discoveries and achievements…’
Richard, Writer/Director Filmmaker… London

‘This was really a fantastic class. I have been to many pitching classes but none has been so complete, interactive and given so much importance to every single member of the class. It was so great! Every class should be like this one.’
Stephanie Melega, Screenwriter


‘Everything I learned about pitching to people in the room has to change to work in our socially distanced world. Now we writers are putting ourselves on the screen. Taking part in the workshop gave me the ability to finesse the production values of Zoom’
Angela Jameson, Screenwriter


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More feedback below and all feedback HERE

Opened my eyes to what it takes to make a great film

I was glued to the content provided by Chris from the get go. It seemed to me to be an honest appraisal of his journey to making a great film. His delivery is full of energy and keeps you interested at all times. Although quite a lot of the information provided overlaps with his books, this did not surprise me at all. The concept and layout worked very well, particularly the sequence of delivery. Asking us not to view the completed film until we had gone through the creation process made it feel like we were part of that process. A small distraction throughout the process was the text from the slides appearing on his face. I found myself thinking that the same care and attention being spoken about had not been applied to the recording of the seminar. This is only a minor gripe. I was also a little confused by the verbal reviews of festivals given in the seminal and the contrast with the video blogs. particularly Oldenburg. The fee charged is a lot of money from the budget of an independent filmmaker like myself, but I feel it was worth every penny and would advise any filmmaker with some experience, that it is well worth while. Best of luck with your career Chris.
Kevin Glynn, Filmmaker, IRELAND

I recognised from the outset Chris’ extraordinary talent not just for filmmaking, but for teaching the art of the craft

With rare time on my hands this week, I went through most of the online version of the Gone Fishing Master Class, and am blown away by his skill in running parallel learning resources alongside his daily work – particularly via online resources. The framework, the detail, the facilitation, the personalised approach…Chris has a talent for imparting knowledge and experience that – when combined with passion, preparation and action (my approach to life) – will provide valuable momentum behind any effort anyone makes in this line of work. With over 20 years in the corporate arena and having worked in 14 countries before the age of 40, my standards are high and my aspirations even higher. I plan on producing my first short film soon, and later a feature, and the first person who comes to mind to learn from, is this man. Well done, Chris, I look forward to seeing you soon again!
Linda – Sales Director, London

Informative and engaging and extremely good value for price

Would definitely recomend because it offers a frank, down-to-earth discussion of filmmaking in the current age.

Edward Spek, Director, Spain

I just finished the ‘Gone Fishing’ seminar. What a day! But man, was it worth it!

The whole experience was superb. I have followed hundreds of other courses and tutorials, but this was the first time I really felt like being on top of the whole process. I’m not going to write a whole story here because if you want to, you can read enough on this page! And I am sure that amount of reviews is telling the value of Chris’ workshop. But why is everyone here so excited about it? They all have at least one thing in common. Everyone here has a great passion of making films. That doesn’t mean everyone here is a director, no way. There’s so much involved in making films, everything is important. The chain of people who are making films is as strong as the weakest link. So, you got on this page with a reason, and although I don’t know what reason, I think that reason will be enough to go on a journey that will blow you away with knowledge, passion and creativity! Whatever you are, a costume designer, writer, editor, color grading, producer or a director. If you’re passionate about making films, and you want to know HOW you can translate that idea to the BIG screen, I only can say this workshop is one of the best ways you’ll learn it! A big thanks to the makers of it! And especially Chris, for being such a great passionate person!
Martijn Kersten – Filmmaker

Chris Jones is a master of taking you on life changing journey. Why go to film school its all here?

As I teach film and video to students as well as run a short film group I was interested in what else I could learn (having bought the GFHB) and to my surprise there’s plenty more, much much more. The finishing and pr / festival and exhibition is the most interesting to me. For any film maker, money is always the obstacle, but after a while I took the plunge and its worth every penny, as your not just buying a course, your buying the inner workings of a successful short film formula. For me, the PDF handouts and resources attached, were an excellent way to make sure the learning experience was not a passive one.
Richard, Film Maker / Lecturer

Empowering and Inspirational

Fabulous value-for-money. I really like being able to jump around and revisit sections plus all the bonus videos. Chris Jones is a true human dynamo of passion for his art and empowerment of the next generation of film-makers. I urge you to sign up to this seminar today and let him infect you with his enthusiasm. You’ll instantly see why “Gone Fishing” is such a masterful piece of work and why Chris is everybody’s favourite person in the business.
Brian, Film Maker, London

All you need to know about producing and promoting a short film

Coming from someone with a relatively new passion for making films, this course was both informative and inspiring. It amazed me how simple it was to get going in an industry where perception is that only a chosen few are allowed to partake. While undertaking the course at my own leisure I have already written, produced and directed my first ‘serious’ short film and now, thanks to this seminar, I have the knowledge of what to do with it. Couldn’t recommend it highly enough, and am now inspired to at least ‘have a go’ at filmmaking. Thanks Chris and co.
Luke, Filmmaker from Australia.

I don’t think I’ve been through a film-making course before that has demonstrated this degree of honesty

The wonderful thing about this masterclass is that you really feel, ‘I could do this too!’ There’s a massive dose of optimism and confidence running through it. That’s really significant in an industry where it’s all too easy to say, ‘Oh well, it was James Cameron or Peter Jackson’ – they can do anything.’ Chris is a guy just like you and me who dared to make the dream a reality. And that dream has good days and bad days – and that’s okay. You can get through it and make it happen. The Gone Fishing Seminar does so much more than give you the tools and share some great insights and tips, even though it does these in shed loads. Crucially, it will give you the belief that YOU can do it too. You can actually embark on the journey to make a great film. This masterclass has made me run out of excuses to make my film. I now have the tools and the tips, the do’s and the don’ts. But much more than that, it’s inspired me to actually go and do it. It’s given me something no other seminar course has – the real belief that I can make a world class film too. We’re shooting next month!
Mikhail, Filmmaker, Auckland

In the ever-expanding literature on film-making, where duplicate information is fast beginning to outweigh original sentiment, this inspirational seminar genuinely achieves that rarest of qualities – true uniqueness

No other resource more comprehensively and engagingly tackles the film production process from script to screen and beyond – simultaneously the antidote to, and finest example of, the director’s commentary. Sitting through the Gone Fishing seminar is the closest you will come to making a world-class film without getting off your arse and actually doing it (which, incidentally, is exactly what you will be inspired to go and do).
Jon Plant – Filmmaker

Better than film school

This seminar should be shown to all film students around the world, right now. Before they waste their time and money trying to find success with movies that aren’t so great yet – time they could and should spend becoming better storytellers. And before anyone wastes the potential of a great movie they have done by not knowing how to squeeze everything out of it. In fact the seminar should be shown to any aspiring directors/producers and to anyone still considering film school – two days with a passionate filmmaker like Chris was worth more than all my lectures in the past three years on a film course combined. He speaks from his heart, and we better listen. The price made me doubt as I’ve never bought an online course of any kind before: but the videos, experiences and knowledge shared on the blog were quite enough to convince this would be worth it. Organizing a seminar like this into shorter video clips is genious: together with attachments, power points, interviews, links to external websites and video diaries – so much more involving than say just a book. Most importantly it feels genuine as Chris speaks from his heart, and that draws you into the experience. Best parts were definitely the career plan and festivals/PR, but in general I have the feeling my filmmaking will take a serious step forward with the next project in terms of truly aiming as high as possible all the way through the process – unless I feel I just need more practice and will save the precious resources for later, another important lesson learned here. The workshop would have saved me from a lot of trouble and wasted resources had I seen it earlier: it also clarified a lot of insecurities I’ve had about my filmmaking career, and it will definitely help me invest time/money in the right projects in the future. I believe others would share this learning experience.
Jesse, student & filmmaker

Better than any film school or University media course!

Absolutely brilliant, Chris gives you honest experience, including the mistakes he made and how those mistake were used to turn it into a positive action. This seminar really does cover Pre-Production past Post-Production and into Marketing & Distribution. We have learned a lot from this and most certainly will be adopting these methods in our production processes. Having bite size videos and the ability to watch later and refer back to it was a very practical way of learning, very well presented and contents with PDFs and sample clips really completed the learning experience.
Daren, DarenDino Productions, Independent Film Makers

Insightful, at times emotional, motivating and inspirational. It was also warming to see a brother filmmaker going through the same fear, doubt, struggle

Information that is invaluable. Even to a seasoned short filmmaker. I know what you’re are thinking, you look at the pricetag, you think no way am I paying money for this, who is this guy anyway? But he has done exactly the thing that you are all trying to achieve with short filmmaking, and the guide is a complete logging of his journey, from concept to reality to festivals and career planning. This should be the 2nd year introduction to every film school in the world. But hey, if your not willing to believe a normal guy, then your missing out and will probably fall by the wayside in this ever competitive flooded filmmaking nightmare of Gen Y baby boomer supported creatives, with big dreams and no help in achieving them. You forge your own luck, you forge your own life.
Scotty, Filmmaker, Sydney Australia

It truly covers it all from A to Z on making the short film

No matter how much you know coming in to it, this seminar will either add knowledge or put things together in a way that inspires you to give it a shot too. I know I’m more fired up about some projects I had put on the back burner.
Bob, Writer, California

As a writer I found it terrifyingly informative. Or should I say reassuringly educational

I’ve Just finished the online Gone Fishing workshop.  Film is collaborative and as a writer to be given access to so many professionals without having to leave the comfort of my laptop was a privledge. I didn’t go to film school but I almost feel I have. As a non technical person I found the technical info accessible (unusual for me) And can I be the millionth person to say I found the film stunning. Many thanks
Cherry, Screenwriter

Essential for anyone looking to take the next step

I am a professional director. I fund my life through the production of commercials and corporate videos. But of course the goal is to step up and start to take everything I am learning and apply it to that story that I’m dying to tell. This seminar has been a fantastic way to see what my strengths are as a filmmaker and what I should do next in order to reach my goals. It’s an exciting feeling. For me, the risk in signing up was that it was just another online course, but I chose to buy it because of the endorsements. The Festival related information was essential. I feel many people in the industry know how to make a great film. We know the rules, how to direct etc. It’s promotion that we fall down. Chris broke it all down. I loved it. The workshop presents the chaos of film making in a strange moment of clarity. It makes those of us who have the skills feel. Yeah. I could do that. Now I feel like I know how.
Oliver, Commercial Director, Melbourne Australia

A hundred times better value than anything I’ve seen on offer

An extremely detailed hands on workshop at every stage of production. I am still learning and going back to the workshop as a reference tool for my current project. In addition to the excellent and extremely detailed advice given from all Chris’s professional collaborators, Chris gives an inspired lesson in raising money and marketing your film which is often neglected and is probably the most important final hurdle. Chris also takes you on a personal journey of his filmmaking making you realize all the effort is worthwhile when touching festival audiences across the globe.
Alain Kramer, FILMMAKER