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Feedback for Perfect Pitch with Bob Schultz

‘That sounds great… Can I read your screenplay?’

It’s the words we all want to hear… But are you pitch perfect ready?

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Feedback from past delegates…

‘This course completely changed my view of pitching. It was interactive, giving you the chance to try out your pitch and get really great advice on what a good pitch looks like.’
Richard Brown // Writer

‘It was an amazing workshop and Bob was very high-energy, despite having had a covid shot just before class! It’s a different way of looking at the pitch, breaking it down into “acts,” and also an emphasis on the person more than the script. Great advice, and not what you usually hear.’
Chris de Leon // Screenwriter

‘It’s hands on, also difficult but also fun. I enjoyed the straight conversation from Bob and his clever metaphors. Bob manages to be strict while also remaining fun and humorous at the same time.’
Cristina Gottfridsson // Writer

‘The workshop managed to demystify the “scary” Pitching process for me. Bob explained it all in a very natural and friendly way that was very much down-to-earth with ample examples from his years of experience.’
Bruno Hausheer // Screenwriter

‘Honestly it completely reshaped how I approach and think about it.’
Allan Smith // Writer

‘Bob sets a great atmosphere and when it comes to giving feedback he’s honest, straightforward, and respectful.’
Emanuele Trapani Bellotti // Writer

‘Informal, good pace, time for questions, great insights, chance to meet other people. Bob was accommodating and inclusive throughout.’
Alan Haldane // Screenwriter

‘Bob has a great way of untangling the knots that I tie myself up in when I pitch. He can then re-set and streamline so the very essence of what you are trying to get across shines through.’
Richard Paul Wheildon // Writer/Filmmaker

‘Bob did a great job of explaining that a pitch is really more like a concise, exciting conversation with a friend, not a rehearsed ‘set-piece’; a dialogue that can be the start of a productive working relationship at best, and at least doesn’t slam any doors at worst. Bob has deep knowledge about the subject matter and industry while maintaining his enthusiasm and generosity in teaching stuff he’s taught over the decades.’
Sara Pascoe // Writer

‘Bob knows everything there is to know on this subject and the industry but he is so approachable, patient and encouraging, and honest too. I gained so much from attending this workshop’
Bridie Hanifee, Screenwriter

‘Bob is a genius at understanding a complex topic quickly. He swiftly sussed out my story’s themes and helped me crystallize the logline into brilliant form!’
Rebecca Robinson, Screenwriter

‘This was really a fantastic class. I have been to many pitching classes but none has been so complete, interactive and given so much importance to every single member of the class. It was so great! Every class should be like this one.’
Stephanie Melega, Screenwriter

‘Everything I learned about pitching to people in the room has to change to work in our socially distanced world. Now we writers are putting ourselves on the screen. Taking part in the workshop gave me the ability to finesse the production values of Zoom’
Angela Jameson, Screenwriter

‘It was great to be at your “Perfect Pitch” last year at MIA …and this year I had a project selected in the Official Drama Pitching Forum, your advice was extremely useful.’
Selene Favuzzi, President EUBRIS // Writers Guild of Italy Board, Rome, Italy

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