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Interminable surprising and deeply satisfying writing the killer final act.

Inevitable, Surprising and Satisfying: Writing The KILLER Final Act

It’s never about where you start, but where you end.

Join us and learn how to take your great story, characters, universe, themes and situations and craft them into an inevitable, deeply satisfying and explosive Final Act.

Yes you already have a third act. But… is it the kind that producers, agents, actors, directors all talk about?

Acts One and Two only exist to earn the dramatic, character, and emotional payoffs that the Final Act promises. And it needs to feel both inevitable yet surprising, as well as deeply satisfying and cathartic.

So let us ask you this… Given the conflict between nemesis and protagonist that you have created, developed and explored in Acts one and two… WHAT is the most poetic, surprising, ironic and satisfying conclusion to their journeys? We are asking SPECIFICALLY about when those two journeys intersect dramatically at the climax of The Final Act?

Six hour masterclass with exercises, learn at your own pace and rewatch for up to one year.

For the project you are working on now… What do you have for an act three, conclusion in your script, outline or idea?

Can it be better? Deeper? Poetic? More… Inevitable, yet Surprising and Deeply Satisfying?

During this workshop with Bob Schultz, we will identify what makes THE MOST powerful conclusion to your story. It will reveal the hidden structures, tools and techniques you can use right away to ensure that everyone in the film and TV food chain ALWAYS passes the script upward, all the way to shooting onset, premieres, exhibition and broadcast.

Capturing the imagination, wonder and awe of an audience is important, but even more so is turning them into a living, breathing advocates for your story, shouting to the world, ‘You won’t believe how it ends!’

Prepare to elevate your writing process and redefine your understanding of what a third act is, how to approach it, and how to make it… well Inevitable, surprising and deeply satisfying.

You will leave at the end of the day with a first draft story beats for your final act, be that for a new project OR a rewrite of your existing one. And like all the classes we run, we want you to leave with a new toolset that you will use for every project moving forward.

When it comes to success, the end is where it all begins.

Recent Feedback For This Course

‘I found all the workshops I have done with you very insightful and top-notch helpful, but this one was in a league of its own. Talk about astute and able to communicate so that it’s clear, clear, clear. I was able to use the material on a short story I am working on immediately. I don’t readily use the word revelation, but this time, yes, yes, indeed, yes, it was a ‘lightbulb’ moment.’
Mary Ann Hushlak // Writer and Dancer

‘I came away with real practical ideas on how to plan and improve my final act. It was so enjoyable! A fabulous, analytical and practical workshop that has transformed my ideas on writing an effective and, most importantly, emotional final act. Thank you!’
Varsha Shah // Screenwriter

‘Watching the clips and breaking them down as we went really clarified the process. The whole day was really, really insightful and, most of all, practical. Working through the stages and writing them on the spot meant I moved forward much more quickly. This course has made me rethink my final act in a way that cuts straight to the heart of what’s needed – and shown me where I need to cut a lot of extraneous stuff! What I had thought was a reasonably solid ending was revealed to be pretty over-written, and Bob’s strategies for structuring the act helped me to find the best direction and focus for it. This was such a fantastically insightful and practical course, that pushed my script further forward in one day than I would have achieved in weeks on my own. I signed up for the next one on the spot :)’
Abbie Heath // Writer

‘Simple to understand, no jargon, practical examples, time to write, fast moving, practical points to follow.’
Ian Woodall // Novelist

‘Bob’s courses have really given me another perspective on writing through his analysis and insight on the examples. I’d highly recommend them!’
Michelle Houghton // Novelist

This class is run by screenwriter Bob Schultz. For more than 20 years, Bob has been training screenwriters , helping thousands of writers clarify their stories, reorganise their ideas and build confidence to bring the very best version of any writer, to the opportunities they create.

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