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Writing the killer one page with bob schultz.

'Love the pitch... Have you got a one-pager?'

You will leave this class with a killer one pager for your project, and the know how to repeat the process for the rest of your career...

When: April 30th (10am to 4pm)
Where: Online
How Much £42 with recordings online for one year.

Learn how to present your hard work in a dynamic, succinct way so that people will ask to read your script.

Mastering the fundamentals of pitching becomes more crucial daily, as the industry re-opens and executives become more accessible in new and exciting ways.

More than ever, a focused and engaging pitch is the key to hearing those magic words: ‘Send it to me.’ Or ‘Let’s have a longer meeting on Zoom’.

While they may present themselves a little differently now, the fundamentals of creating that killer pitch remain the same.

A piece of paper next to a laptop and a pen.

Want to see it in action?

Watch the one pager video we made for Oscar nominated screenplay and smash hit ‘Bridesmaids’.

In this interactive workshop you will….

  • Learn the essential beats to structure an effective one pager.
  • Turn ALL your ideas into viable projects BEFORE investing years or months into developing into scripts.
  • Get to grips with heaps of terrific examples to inspire and inform.
  • Outline and write a one pager for your project.
  • Understand and master the different writing styles needed for a strong one pager.
  • Understand WHY this single document is essential to the industry.
  • Leave with the toolkit to distil your stories into one pagers that will lead to the next steps.

Let’s be clear, when someone asks you for a one-pager, you want it ready to send them right away… Never make anyone interested in you or your project wait…

The workshop is around six hours with writing exercises. Learn at your own pace.

If you think writing a screenplay is a challenge, try a one pager that captures EVERYTHING that is special about your script.

Like pitching. This is more craft than art. You can learn it. You can master it. And if you do, it will serve you for life.

The class is illustrated with lots of custom made clips analysing many of our favourite feature films so we can also learn from example.

BONUS: We have just added a logline module to help you further reduce your story from one page to one compelling sentence.

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‘If you can’t nail it in one page, you sure as shit wont be able to in one hundred…’

Anonymous Producer

The Nitty Gritty

Spend six hours with Bob as you learn the Ten Things every one-pager must include to make your story sing, and the creative strategies that help you bring them into focus.

Next time you hear… ‘Love the pitch, do you have a one pager?’ You will know that the one pager you deliver (immediately as you already have it written), will secure that essential next step… ‘Let’s have a chat and explore where we could take this project…’

What do Screenwriters Say About This Workshop?

A woman with glasses smiling at a table.

‘Bob helped me identify what REALLY has to go in that one-pager and I ended up with a great first draft with clear directions of where to proceed with it’
Rachael Howard

We england cricket trophy.

‘Clear and concise and gives good constructive feedback throughout the session which can be applied. I need to do one pagers for my other screenplays and I now have the confidence to do this with ease’
Jocelyn Harrold, Screenwriter

A woman and a child smiling for the camera.

‘This workshop does exactly what it says on the tin. You WILL come away with your one-pager DONE.’
Trish Curtin, Screenwriter

A woman in a grey jacket smiling for the camera.

‘The alternating between the practical (actual writing) and the theory was great. I like this ten step method, it’s open enough to use as a model to structure my story, as opposed to some of the structure models that I find constrictive.’
Susan Vermeer, Screenwriter

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‘It was great to be at your “Perfect Pitch” last year at MIA …and this year I had a project selected in the Official Drama Pitching Forum, your advice was extremely useful.’
Selene Favuzzi, President EUBRIS // Writers Guild of Italy Board, Rome, Italy

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This class is run by screenwriter Bob Schultz. For more than 20 years, Bob has been training screenwriters , helping thousands of writers clarify their stories, reorganise their ideas and build confidence to bring the very best version of any writer, to the opportunities they create.

A man with a beard is speaking into a microphone.