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A group of friends toasting drinks in a bar.

Join the Roadmap writers team from LA, Joey Tuccio and the London Screenwriters’ Festival team for Networking Drinks.

Make new friends, reconnect with old, create new possibilities and chat story, scripts, movies and TV all night!

When: Saturday May 20th (7pm till 10pm)
Where: The Ealing Project, 1 High St, Ealing, London W5 5DB
How Much: Free

It’s free entry with a cash bar at the Ealing Project, next to Marks and Spencer’s on Ealing Broadway.

Who will be there?

Joey Tuccio and the Roadmap Team, plus the LondonSWF crew. It’s an open invitation to all past speakers and delegates, so there should be a good crowd. It’s free entry, we just need to give the venue numbers, hence ticketing.

Joey will be running an event on the Saturday at Ealing Studios and bringing the crowd from that event to the venue too.

More on that HERE.

A group of people are sitting in a room.

The Ealing Project is a super cool venue too, a three-screen cinema with a massive networking space for writers and filmmakers like us.

So come, join us, catch up, get inspired, and let’s have no agenda aside from just chatting about films, shows, and scripts and being among people who get who we are!

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Chris Jones