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Survive and thrive in the film, tv and streaming industries.

Survive and Thrive in the Film, TV and Streaming Industry in 2023 with Joey Tuccio from Roadmap Writers

Plus three bonus pitching* opportunities, both in person and via Zoom, where delegates can share their pitch with real world execs.

And... Congratulations to Roadmap having just helped their 326th writer get signed!

Saturday, May 20th (with additional pitch sessions included)*
Where: London, Ealing Studios
How Much: £99

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* Bonus session on Sunday where you can pitch projects to execs, plus TWO further zoom pitching sessions included.
* Because of the writers strike, pitches will only be heard for feedback and guidance.

This event is hosted by the MetFim School at Ealing Film Studios, the Leading Film & TV School.

Do you want to get paid to write feature film and television screenplays?

It’s 2023, and if we do, we need to start thinking more like a creative entrepreneur. It’s a competitive business and talent will only get us so far. Of course, we know this.

But what is the answer?

It begins with the understanding that no matter how good our writing is (and it will always get better), it’s our business strategy, our relationships and our career planning that make all the difference.

Building the roadmap to success, attracting a team through our talent and vision, then walking the talk with confidence and courage is the less trodden path that we MUST take to find the success we so desire.

‘I really loved Joey. New take, no bullshit industry advice and a reminder that writers need to use their voice and make it unabashedly stronger. He was wonderfully practical and not too overly-intellectual’
Thesy Surface, Screenwriter

Based in LA, Roadmap Writers has facilitated the move from dream to reality for over 300 screenwriters who’ve been produced, signed to agents and managers, and/or staffed in TV writers’ rooms since 2016.

It’s ALL about screenwriting craft that sizzles so that it will sell, deploying strategies that are proven to succeed, employing tactics to help us move forward daily, building partnerships that open doors to opportunity, and creating a professional sheen that impresses the people with power.

Consider… You are the CEO of YOUR creative business and you need a clear roadmap to success as defined by…

  • Getting paid to write what you love.
  • Getting produced so your work is seen.
  • Maintaining the momentum for a lifelong career.

If a pragmatic, professional, results driven approach to your screenwriting career sounds like the path you want to take, then this one day live and in person in London masterclass with Joey and the RoadCrew is unmissable.

Joey’s flying in all the way from Hollywood, so this is your only chance to see him on our side of the pond this year! Joey was our highest rated speaker at the last London Screenwriters’ Festival, attracting packed audiences and raving feedback.

‘Joey’s knowledge on what it takes to craft a story, his ability to work with writers and provide them with the necessary stepping stones to further their career, and his overall positive demeanor make him an amazing person to work with’
Dan Ingram, Head of Story Development, De Laurentiis Company

Objectives of the day

  • Choosing a concept that meets your creative needs as well as offering the greatest opportunity to get optioned and produced. One that also showcases you as a hot property to pursue.
  • Branding yourself so industry professionals understand immediately who you are and how you can also help them succeed in their business.
  • Strategies and tactics to deploy when seeking representation. This is an active process, you MUST take considered, planned and proactive steps to find success.
  • Refining your pitch so that industry professionals lean into both you and your work.
  • The art, craft and business of general meetings. How to get them, what to do, how to show up, and how to follow up.
  • Relationship craft. Building, maintaining and creating opportunities so that execs desire a relationship with you.
  • Commitment. How to best move forward in your relationship with a manager or agent, while keeping it fresh and exciting.

Schedule For The Day (Saturday May 20th)

10am The Foundation

  • How to prioritize your concepts.
  • How to brand yourself.
  • The difference between managers, agents and lawyers.
  • How to target companies for your projects.
  • How to write a writer’s bio.

11:15am Writing Exercise 

  • Writers will work privately on writing their bios, figuring out their brand and their personal logline. 

11:45am Workshop

  • Volunteers can get feedback on their bio, brand and personal logline.

12pm – 1pm Lunch 

1pm Pitching in 2023

  • How to pitch your pilot or feature with ease and confidence! 
  • How to start a conversation that will conclude in a killer pitch.
  • Typical questions an executive might ask when you are done with your pitch.
  • The biggest do’s and don’t’s on pitching.

2:00pm Pitching Practice

  • Writers will take this time to either time or work privately on their pitch.

Live Pitching Workshop with Feedback

  • Volunteers will pitch* their project and get feedback.

3.30 BREAK

3.45 Opening Pages Analysis Of Your Script 

The Opening Page Analysis will start with a lecture on some of the immediate reasons an executive might pass on your work…and you might not even know you’re doing one of these things! Remember, most execs won’t read past page 5 if they aren’t hooked from the start.

We want to make sure each writer’s opening pages are solid and you can even take what you’ve learned from this Opening Pages Workshop and apply these techniques to the rest of your script. 

Joey will analyse 2 sets of opening pages from volunteers, live in front of the class.

5:00pm BREAK

5:15pm Taking General Meetings

  • How to prepare yourself for a successful general meeting and what to expect. 

5:30pm –  6pm Q&A

  • Rounding off the day Joey will take questions.

6:00pm Networking Drinks at The Ealing Project

* Bonus Sunday May 21st at Ealing Studios

2:00pm Pitching Bootcamp

  • Regroup and train more with Joey before the live pitching*.

Followed by live pitching* with…

  • Leah Foster – West Road Pictures
  • Roni Pedahzur – Keshet International
  • Tolu Stedford – StoryCompound
  • Charlotte Knowles – Story Compound

* Bonus Pitch on Zoom May 24th at 5.00pm // Live at Five

5:00pm Live Pitching (via Zoom), live from LA, with…

  • James Brown – Producer of STILL ALICE

* Bonus Pitch on Zoom May 28th at 5.00pm // Live at Five

5:00pm Live Pitching (via Zoom), with…

  • Laura Grange – SKY 
  • Jasmin Morrison – SKY

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