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Feedback for the Based On A True Story: Writing Reality To Get Produced

‘It was terrific, with interesting and relevant content and practical examples.  Bob kept encouraging us to find ‘our’ take on a story that we feel needs to be told. An inspiring day with practical application.’
Bella St John // Writer

‘I love Bob’s style and method of presentation. He interacts with his participants and makes it comfortable for them to contribute or ask questions. I’ve seen him in action quite a few times and he is someone I know can rely on when I need a bit of inspiration or motivation. He’s also very knowledgeable about the industry and generous in sharing what he knows. The clips chosen are all perfect for the point they need to get across and many have inspired me to watch or rewatch the full film.’
Eva Adams // writer, dreamer and film maker

‘‘Bob was inspiring, honest and fun. The clips helped to explain in practice the points he was making. The day was well planned and he managed to cram in a lot of useful information. And yes, Bob is awesome, charming, talented, etc. etc! Really enjoyed it – Keep ’em coming.’’
Heather Dunmore // Writer

‘I wasn’t able to attend on the day so have taken the course once, and I intend to go through it again asap as I have a ‘based on a true story’ screenplay to work on. The course covers a lot and is very effective on saying how we should research but then know that we should have a ‘take’ on the story.’
Les Grice // Writer

‘I think with all the courses it is the fact that they are so incredibly, brilliantly inspiring; that they are packed full of useful and practical tools, and that they have so much heart to them. I just love them because every minute is valuable.’
Varsha Shah // Writer

‘I Love Bob’s relaxed delivery wrapped up in a package of awesome film knowledge and expertise. The clips were great and very useful to illustrate whatever point he was making but most of all I came away empowered and confident to write the story I want to write without being bogged down.’
Stephanie Ginger // Writer

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