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A person stands at the edge of a cliff overlooking a massive crowd below, with text promoting a seminar on writing fantasy and sci-fi at ealing studios on june 29th.

Writing Fantasy and SciFi That Reaches Global Audiences And Launches Careers

It’s in your heart, blood and soul. Epic fantasy. With detailed plots, extended timelines and resonant characters.

We get it and we love it too.

And so do audiences who want, love, and often NEED to be transported away to a place that exists only in a writer’s imagination.

A place where magic, science, nobility, kindness, and moral strength can all co-exist and at the centre of it all, human decency and fortitude win the day.

Fantasy and sci-fi is ALWAYS in demand, as a salve to troubling times – even as it serves as a reflection of those times. Existing fans are passionate and hungry for more worlds to explore.

Where: Ealing Studios and online (streaming)
How Much: £99
When: Saturday, June 29th 10am to 5pm
Video playback for one year.

BONUS: Saturday night networking at The Ealing Project, starting at 6pm.

A group of diverse people gathered around a long conference table, engaged in a lively discussion, with one woman standing and addressing the group.

In this day-long intensive, we will:

  • Make your script IMMEDIATELY unputdownable.
    We will analyse and identify the beats, architecture, character elements and themes that deliver creative satisfaction, executive excitement and audience joy within the genre expectations.
  • YOU are the god of this world, and you are writing a Bible too!
    Develop and perfect techniques to assure your world-building and characters deliver on the passion and commitment genre fans expect from their stories.
  • Writing To Get Hired
    It’s not just about YOUR show and script, your work should be a specific calling card to get hired on shows where existing IP have accelerated the journey to production.
  • Archetypical Yet Contemporary
    Learn how to make your characters resonate within their magical realm, while simultaneously feeling relevant the world we live in.
  • Tactics Of A Wizard
    Master proven strategies that massively increase your read rate, chances of getting read and recommended, optioned or hired.
  • How To Not Get Lost In The Haunted Woods
    How do you maintain momentum and clear storylines when these genres often contain a multitude of interweaving subplots and often an enormous cast of characters?
A woman with short blonde hair stands solemnly outdoors with a cloudy sky in the background, accompanied by a dragon to her left.

Be it Game Of Thrones (now morphed into House of the Dragon), Dune, The Last Of Us, Dr Who, Dungeons and Dragons, Godzilla Minus One, Battlestar Galactica… all enjoy detailed and sprawling worlds with compelling characters with enormous and loyal fanbases.

Let’s work together to give our readers and viewers the gift of a glimpse into magic and greatness, while also showcasing your talents to agents and execs .

All writers have the wisdom and ability. 

Neil Gaiman has it. Leigh Dana Jackson has it. 

You have this power too.

Feedback for other courses with Bob

‘It was clearly structured, with brilliant advice and watching the clips was very helpful. It’s one of the best courses I’ve been on. The workshop part helped me look at my script in a new light – looking at those intense, emotion-laden, visually memorable moments which sum up relationship or theme. Brilliant!’
Amy Sparkes // Writer

‘Both entertaining as well as informative!’ 
Jean-Claude Bragard // Filmmaker

The workshop was very well structured with lots of good examples.’
Georgi Kostov // Screenwriter , Director , Producer

‘It had great illustrative clips, alongside good context and also insight int how to apply it to our writing.’
Louise Say // Producer, Writer

‘I now understand how to use these moments, and (as a director) it’ll help me craft them better. Watching the examples I realised that while ‘the moment’ was just seconds, the build up is also key, and these scenes were long and tense… actually much longer than I would have realised! It was so good! This was my second one with Bob and I will sign up for more. I also like that Bob feels like a friend and not a distant guru – thanks Bob!’
Lucy Campbell //  Filmmaker

This class is run by screenwriter Bob Schultz. For more than 20 years, Bob has been training screenwriters , helping thousands of writers clarify their stories, reorganise their ideas and build confidence to bring the very best version of any writer, to the opportunities they create.

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Following this session there will be informal group networking at The Ealing Project, across the road from the studios. We often invite other writers and people from our community to join, to enhance the experience.