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The rewrite from good to great to unstoppable.

The Rewrite: From Good, to Great, to Unputdownable

You know, deep down, that your script can be better.

I get it. We all want this draft to be perfect.  

You know that it has to be better too, as the competition for even a read, let alone an option and then getting produced, is so so high.

Yes, you have great ideas, scenes, characters, worlds and in your mind and heart, you KNOW it’s going to be fantastic.

But still. The script you have before you could be better.

And we all know, only the best will make it past the readers.        

Welcome to YOUR script, from good, to great to recommend… The Rewrite Workshop with Bob Schultz, a two day online and in person interactive workshop.

When: August 19th 20th (Saturday and Sunday)
Where: Online and at Ealing Film Studios*
How Much: £139 for both days plus online recordings for one year

* Watch online or attend in person.
* Recordings available for all participants for one year.

Make no mistake, now is the time to redraft your script as all writers are striking. And when the strike concludes, there’s going to be a LOT of spec scripts getting optioned FAST FAST FAST! There will be immediate demand from producers, streamers, studios and execs.

Through examples, analysis, and exercises, this workshop will help you write with greater depth so that readers and audiences feel as if they have learned and grown from having experienced your work – even if they can’t quite put their finger on why.

Take your script deeper than ever before and unlock the most profound interpretation of your story.

Recent Feedback For Bob

‘Taking this course was like the feeling of finding an oasis after living in a desert for two years!! It did what it said and gave clear signposts to discovering meaning and depth to my writing. Couldn’t wait to get down to writing again.’
Mary Anstey, Writer

‘I am constantly amazed by, not only the depth of understanding Bob brings, but also the shear breadth of knowledge he has of cinema and film and the time and energy he gives so generously in sharing it.’
Mary Anstey, Writer

‘Everything Bob said made so much sense that I realized that I had no idea how important the theme really was.’
Antonia Balogh, Writer

‘The workshop skilfully analysed a range of screenwriting theme types and demonstrated their emotional power using compelling film examples.  Subtext was also reviewed in a similar manner. It was another excellent workshop from Bob Schultz; time passed particularly quickly in this one because I was so absorbed in his presentation on the subject of theme. It was a moving experience.’
Gordon Slack, Screenwriter

What will you walk away with?

  • Tourniquet every single word… figure out how to reduce, refine and TIGHTEN everything while simultaneously elevating conflict and character. Build story momentum like a runaway train.
  • Great setup, great conclusion… but act 2 is where it’s sagging. We will show you how to inject rocket fuel into the baggy middle of your script, ensuring readers are compelled to get to your final page.
  • Get clarity… It’s time to double down on the core conflict, strengthen the B plot and enhance the interweaving of each.  
  • Story Arcs… Whether it’s the entire story arc, act arcs, scene arcs, character arcs, subplot arcs… Every single one needs elevating AND a confirmation that the needed beats are present. This will give you clear direction in your writing at every single point.
  • Visualise your script… Stories have rhythm and timbre, and often we neglect one story thread for another when it’s more effective to interweave them all. Figure out how to increase momentum by tactically moving between story threads.  
  • Character Dilemma… Increase and tighten the central conflict as well as refining and elevating character blocks in every single scene. At every moment the reader should be saying, ‘I empathise with this character and how the hell are they going to get through this now?’  
  • Dialogue… Ensure characters have unique voices and speak their truth with electrifying sizzle. This will drive characters and story forward with momentum, and with the panache and zing that readers LOVE to recommend.
  • Cheat sheets… Short cuts that will help you clarify theme, get audiences to connect faster and more deeply with characters, maintain momentum and soooo much more.
  • Meta Structure… Review and analyse the overall dramatic structure of your screenplay. This is essential as we so often get lost in the woods.

You have come so far. Don’t stop now. Your hard work deserves this rigorous next draft.

Remember, most writers will falter at this point, and either give up on a script or present work that is not their very best.

Instead, join the top 5% who go further, work harder and then mysteriously always seem to be the ones who get optioned, produced and hired over and over.

There’s a reason. They have mastered the rewrite.

It’s not just about getting it written, success always lies in the rewrite. 

More Feedback For Bob

‘I loved the thoughtfulness, insight and inspiration from the course. As an ethnic minority as well it made me realise why it is so important to have diversity in the people who create stories – so that it’s not just the stories that minority communities have but the personal values as well that can be transmitted. Just keep doing these wonderful courses. I read so much about writing and storytelling but these courses just offer something so valuable that I think I would spend a lifetime searching for otherwise.’
Varsha Shah, Screenwriter

‘You know you’ve hit gold in a screenwriting class when the instructor – who’s watched so many films and so  many times – can be so wildly and infectiously enthusiastic and emotional about every single clip, stretching across every conceivable genre. It was full of rich material of staggering depth, and a breadth of attractive slides, and motivational tips in heaps.’
Nicky Torode, Writer

‘I found it incredibly helpful. I have two projects I’m  working on currently, and knowing what the problems and questions are in my mind for those projects – the thorny issues – to think about theme in such depth was really useful.’
Lucy Campbell, Writer/Director

This class is run by screenwriter Bob Schultz. For more than 20 years, Bob has been training screenwriters , helping thousands of writers clarify their stories, reorganise their ideas and build confidence to bring the very best version of any writer, to the opportunities they create.

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