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The Complete Package: How To Get The Industry To Say YES To YOU and your SCRIPT

A two day professional development workshop from LondonSWF.

When: July 20th and 21st
Where: Ealing Film Studios
How Much: £199
Online and in-person
Playback of videos for one year

We all have great ideas. Loads of them in fact. Some of those ideas have made it to first drafts. Some not yet.

ALL have potential.

But to fully realise the potential in these projects, we need to package them up in a way that that the industry wants to see them. And when we say ‘potential in the projects’, that also means YOU.
YOU are a massive part of the equation.

Welcome to our screenwriters’ professional development weekend, where ALL your great ideas can be honed into industry-facing producible packages in just six steps.

In this workshop you will…

  1. Interrogate the idea, who is it for and WHY?
  2. Develop the logline and micro pitch.
  3. Expand to the industry-facing one pager.
  4. Build and deploy the simple pitchdeck.
  5. Package online for super slick delivery.
  6. Build the conversational pitch for perfect delivery in the moment with a slick online package.

Every single one of your ideas – feature, TV show, video game, short, you name it — should be packaged this way, ready for that meeting or random interaction. Prepared to be deployed under any circumstance so that producers and execs can immediately access you and your work in the most professional way. And in one weekend, we’re going to get you ready.

You and your work deserve every opportunity to succeed. The way to cash in when the opportunity comes is to leave a lasting impression. Join us and we will help you create – and become — The Complete Package.

Recent Feedback For Our Courses

‘Both entertaining as well as informative!’ 
Jean-Claude Bragard // Filmmaker

The workshop was very well structured with lots of good examples.’
Georgi Kostov // Screenwriter , Director , Producer

‘It had great illustrative clips, alongside good context and also insight int how to apply it to our writing.’
Louise Say // Producer, Writer

‘The Generous use of clips makes the analysis very clear and memorable. It will be hugely useful to me for my business in several ways. It refreshes my editorial approach to novelist-clients; and it helps me pitch novel-to-film adaptations. Bob’s enthusiasm is infectious and we all felt very motivated after this…’
Christine Green // Literary Agent

‘I now understand how to use these moments, and (as a director) it’ll help me craft them better. Watching the examples I realised that while ‘the moment’ was just seconds, the build up is also key, and these scenes were long and tense… actually much longer than I would have realised! It was so good! This was my second one with Bob and I will sign up for more. I also like that Bob feels like a friend and not a distant guru – thanks Bob!’
Lucy Campbell //  Filmmaker

‘Stupendous subject (never seen this offering in all my screenwriting classes) with perfect execution!’
Kirk Ah Tye // Attorney turned screenwriter and novelist (Hollywood)

This class is run by screenwriter Bob Schultz. For more than 20 years, Bob has been training screenwriters , helping thousands of writers clarify their stories, reorganise their ideas and build confidence to bring the very best version of any writer, to the opportunities they create.

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Following this session there will be informal group networking at The Ealing Project, across the road from the studios. We often invite other writers and people from our community to join, to enhance the experience.