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Networking Mastery: Create Powerful Relationships that GET YOU HIRED

The ability to create powerful new relationships in any given situation is one of the primary accelerants to the success of your career, and the creative work and opportunities that blossom from these connections.

UPDATE! 300 industry guests have now confirmed for the after event networking party!


Making and maintaining powerful relationships is what the industry calls ‘Networking’, and yes, it sends a shiver down the spine of most people.

Yet, ‘networking’ is an essential skill to master and arguably the biggest hurdle you must overcome in order to find the success your hard work deserves.

That’s why we have created this one day workshop, specifically aimed at reluctant creatives. So you can be both effective and comfortable in the room.  

On this workshop, you can and WILL master Networking in one day.

A woman with blonde hair smiling for the camera.‘The workshop has taken the fear out of networking for me. I’ve discovered it’s actually everything you don’t think it is: easy, fun and emotionally rewarding.’
Kristina Day // Screenwriter

Prepare for an extraordinary day!

It’s not just a workshop, it’s a party too. We will spend the whole day learning, workshopping, training, and then directly after, in the evening we will attend, as a group, an industry networking party with hundreds of guests. This will help you solidify what you have learned, into lasting new patterns that will get massive results.

When, where and how much?

When: September 14th 9:30am to 6:00pm // Part from 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Where: Met Film School (Training), then Ealing Project (Party)
How Much: £97

This is a highly interactive workshop so not offered on Zoom.

Here’s what most of us feel… Do you have reluctance and resistance about...

  • Committing to going in the first place!
  • Getting in and out of small groups that seem impenetrable.
  • Initiating conversation with strangers.
  • Not knowing what to say when you do get into a chat.
  • Not knowing how to pitch yourself and your work.
  • Secretly hating those people who seem to do it effortlessly (we show you how they do it).
  • Having to move away from the ‘safe friend’ you came with or the safe group you find at the event.
  • Urghhhh, can’t someone else do it for me?
  • Re-comitting to the next one after getting through the one you just did.
  • Can’t I just stay home or at work and do the thing I love?

Now consider that in one day we can turn around all of these challenges in such a way that you ACTIVELY look forward to the next opportunity to network, and when you are present at these opportunities, you become the centre of the room.

Remember, the people who could buy your products, services, talent, work… are really buying into you.

In order to do that, they have to first know you. Second they need to feel like they can work with you. Finally they need to love your work. And their decision making is in that order. The work comes LAST.

Don’t be that creative who thinks their work is SO good, they can stay home and hide behind the laptop and wait for that call or email. Take control of your destiny, overcome your fear and learn with us how networking can be FUN!

This workshop will help you overcome any nerves and put you in a state of unstoppable confidence.

A woman with red hair sitting in front of a computer.‘This workshop was one of the most helpful and informative courses I’ve ever done. I felt so much more confident in not only my networking abilities but my screenwriting abilities as a whole.’
Zoe McDonagh

A group of people talking at an event.

'People like to work with people they know, people they like. And they can't like you if they don't even know you...'

Your outcomes

  • Deconstruct your fears and destroy them once and for all.
  • Learn proven tactics and strategies that get results in the room.
  • Master the art of leaving, not just with a card, but with a lasting desire to continue the relationship from those who met you.
  • Understand the different networking styles for different people, places and opportunities.
  • Timing – when it’s appropriate to pitch your project and when it’s not.
  • Highlight weaknesses in your networking style, and offer immediate feedback and solutions.
  • Give you tons of practice – and practice makes perfect!
  • How to pitch without pitching.
  • Turn your fear into FUN! You will leave chomping at the bit to dive in and start creating new relationships. And you can at the networking party directly after the workshop.

Using real life examples, practical exercises and role play, this ‘hands on’ workshop will set you up for your outstanding career and equip you with all the tools you’ll need to network any room, at any time, with anyone. 

Best of all, it’s a liberatingly fun day that will unlock your true potential.

Above all, remember, People Hire People They Know, People They Have a Relationship With, People They Like and People The Feel a Connection with…

Timing For The Day

  • 9:30am Kick off. Training and work shopping.
  • 11:00 Networking Break (practice during coffee).
  • 12:00 Training continues
  • 1:30 Networking lunch in the wild, let’s have some fun!
  • 2:30 Simulated parties with networking training exercises.
  • 4:00 Coffee break, networking now effortless
  • 4:30 Final training and prep for party
  • 6:00 Dinner
  • 7:00 Networking party at the Ealing Project, with around 300 guests.
  • 9:00 Official end of party though it will likely carry on.

The Evening Event

Over 500 people attended the last networking party that was attached to this training, creating an extraoridnary opportunity to build new contacts. We had guests from as far flung places as Sweden, Lithuania, the USA, India, Canada, Iran, Israel, Australia,
New Zealand, China, and Ukraine. 

Feedback From Party Goers

‘It was a fantastic night. Really lovely atmosphere and some great people.
Craig Griffith

‘I found myself talking to an interesting person who all had interesting lives and stories to tell not only about the arts, cinema, writing etc. but in their personal lives too.’
Les Grice

‘It was a marvelous night! Thank you so much’
Tatjana Zwirkowski

‘Met some great people, made some solid contacts, and will definitely attend another –  wild horses couldn’t keep me from it.’
Steve Walker

Feedback from the 2024 Workshop

‘For me it was learning not just how to approach others effectively, but also how to gracefully conclude conversations, obtain contact information, and transition smoothly to the next interaction.’
Olivia Golightly // Screenwriter

‘It was super informative, very easy to understand and not what I expected at all (in the best way). I would would highly recommend this for anyone who is nervous about networking as it takes the fear away!’
Tamzin McGhee // Filmmaker

‘I particularly enjoyed the practical tips and the ability to practice. And, of coruse, the amazing party in the evening. A real opportunity to meet potential contacts.’
Judith Bunting // Screenwriter

‘I will be implementing these lessons at every networking event I attend’
Natasha Vera // Screenwriter

‘I honestly left feeling like a regenerated timelord, new shiny skin and a torrent of chatter to try out!’
Lydia Wanell // Filmmaker

‘Saturday’s workshop was a real eye opener, with some great tools that I will use to make connections at industry events’
Isabella Falconer

‘We practiced so much that networking felt completely natural by the end and now I can’t stop myself from doing it. The class was exhausting but exhilarating!’
Alex English // Author, screenwriter

The bottom line.


If your career is not moving as fast as it should, it’s almost certainly a lack of meaningful industry relationships.

And there is only one way to tackle this head on…

Feedback For This Workshop

‘Superb value and a must for anybody who thinks they hate Networking’
Matthew Budge

‘It was a day full of useful insights, humour and infectious joy. The best networking day I’ve ever been to.’
Phil Croxall

‘I’m leaving with tools and passion. Couldn’t ask for more.’
Melanie Mahdessian

‘I was surprised how effective it was.’
Phil Peel, filmmaker

‘I didn’t want to go but I’m really glad I did because it was so much fun.’
Amy Amani, writer

‘The world would be a better place if everyone was forced to do this course.’
Fiona Tuohy, writer

‘Excellent speakers and information imparted with enthusiasm and generosity of spirit. I highly recommend this workshop to writers and other industry professionals’.
Patricia Jenkins

‘As always the team at LSF have delivered a really great hands on training session. The first time I came to LSF, I never spoke to anyone all weekend as my fear of people was so great. Today I’ve not only got friends in the room but made lots of contacts with other people too.’
Sarah Cassidy, writer

Photos From The Last One

Chris Jones // Workshop Leader

Passionate about all things film, I have spent my life watching movies, making movies and helping others make their movies too. Right now I am directing Splinter Unit on Mission: Impossible 8 for Paramount. I recently exec produced ‘The Enfield Poltergeist’ for Apple TV+. I have made several features, been Oscars shortlisted, wrote The Guerilla Filmmakers Handbooks, and raise money for charity by running Firewalks.

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