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Feedback for Beyond The Conventions: Writing The Non Traditional Protagonist

Beyond the conventions writing the non traditional protaganist.

‘I’m just buzzing – that was just fantastic!!!!! I have – count them! – three ideas for stories that came to me during the course!!!!!!!! (In context I usually have just one a year!) I learnt so much – and those clips were fantastic. Thanks so much to you and Chris. Am spending today scribbling down those stories. Seriously if I stop coming to the courses call an ambulance because it means I physically couldn’t get to the computer! Honestly these courses just inspire and inform and teach in a way that you can’t bottle. Thanks so much again!’
Varsha Shah // Screenwriter

Feedback for The Narrative Imperative with Scott Myers

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‘Hands down one of the best speakers in screenwriting of today. Highly engaging, smart, funny and deeply knowledgeable. I never get tired of this guy’s courses. He’s infectious and great and despite all that, very humble and a great guy!’
Uppili Raghavachari (Writer/Director/Producer)

Feedback for How To Win An Oscar… Making The World Class Short Film

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Top class advice from the very top level of film making!! I’ve learnt so much from this experience and will continue to reference the different sections when I tackle future film projects. Just watching each section really does inspire you to go out and just DO IT!!
Danny Lacey, Film Maker, Leeds

Feedback for Demystifying Act 2: Where GREAT Scripts Go To Thrive

Demystifying act 2 where great scripts go to thrive.

‘I love the practical advice offered in Bob’s courses. Sure they are great for understanding the process, but doing them when you have a script nearing completion can be amazingly, incredibly useful’
Judith Bunting // Screenwriter/Director

Feedback from Mastering Misdirection

Mastering misdirection a screenwriting masterclass with bob schultz.

‘I thought the practical way in which the information was delivered, which made it easy to understand and assimilate was brilliant. Also, the examples used and the tools provided, which I found very inspiring. I loved the writing exercises and how they helped me rethink some scenes in my current project.’
Denisa Popa // Writer, Producer