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I have decided to take this AI course down.

I have heard the community and their concerns over AI and I fully agree with so much of what has been written.

For well over a decade, the London Screenwriters’ Festival has found innovative ways to help writers ‘get an edge’ or ‘get produced’, as well as offer real grassroots access to the industry.

We trust that you do know we are the good guys and have a track record to prove this.

Anyone who has taken any of our past AI workshops knows that our approach has always been exploratory. We discover what is, and what is not possible as part of the experience.

We have been trying to find ways to help writers do MORE creative writing, and less of the stuff we don’t enjoy as much. Be that penning a bio, working on a pitch, a logline or step outline.

This next workshop appears to have upset many writers.

I get it. We clearly stand at a crossroads, technologically, culturally and as a community. All the while our view has always been to better understand the industry, warts and all, and AI is part of that conversation.

This time I got it wrong.

On a personal note, I want to apologise.

We ALL love creating and writing and none of us want to see a world where we don’t do this, enjoy this, and make a living from it.

I sought only to explore new ways to spend more time writing and improve our process. I clearly got it wrong and take full responsibility. I will regroup on this and find better ways to achieve it.

Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts on this. Now, shall we get on with doing what we love doing? Writing, imagining and creating.

Chris Jones